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Relocation Advice

Here is some advice on how to help make the move to a new location easier.
  • Start by making some early decisions, such as your time frame and requirements.
  • If your new company has requested the move, find out what is the Company Relocation allowance Policy.
  • Sort through your belongings, working out what you want to take with you, will you need it etc. and what can be placed in storage and what is no longer required.
  • Contact a reputable relocation Agent or a Local Friend, Team Member, Your Boss or Company Travel Desk with direct experience of both your domestic market and the area you are moving to.
  • They should be able to offer a survey and can help with working out a plan that suits your needs including advice on methods of shipment, personal effects, insurance and family transport.
  • Create an inventory that enables you to value your items for insurance purposes.
  • Find out about temporary accommodation at your destination.
  • Paperwork, A good relocation specialist or Travel Desk Deapartmnt will help with visas, customs forms, passports, address change notifications and more.
  • Keep valuables separate.
  • Check the move yourself; oversee the inventory and packing / transportation.
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