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CV Essentials

The advice given below is intended as assistance to ensure your resume; your work history and achievement are shown in an easily readable and is in clear format.

Use Keywords

Many resumes are scanned for selected keywords initially. Use of relevant keywords is highly recommended as it helps return accurate results to those searching for you. Naturally, there's a balance to be made. To avoid overuse of keywords, consider adding a keyword section including current and "wanted" job titles at the very end of your resume.

Bullet Points
Use bullet points to highlight periods and achievements in your profile and make job / role descriptions read less like an "I did this, did that" narrative.

Career History

Always start your resume with the most recent role first and work back. This is the most relevant information, not what you may have done straight after university.


Check that any career breaks or gaps between roles are fully explained. Recruiters and employers take references and this is always checked.

Within each job use bullet points to show your achievements reasons for moving and key responsibilities. The usual format is to show the month and year of joining and leaving for each period of employment - e.g. Jan 2003 - Nov 2006

Previous employment

This does not mean 5 pages per company - keep it interesting but concise. Remember, you do not have to give much detailed information regarding a role 12 years ago unless it would support your current application. A brief description about very earlier career roles is normally sufficient.

Other Skills

Whilst memberships, a love of animals or pastimes and the ability to juggle balls like a circus act might have been fun once, you should include only skills that are relevant to your career and the job for which you are applying. Depending on the role, the addition of some sport (team or individual) and achievement statements can be beneficial to give an insight. Keep this short.

Other Things to Consider

Make your resume interesting - your life and achievements invariably are! Think like the person reading it - Does it make you want to discover more, find a place for these skills and achievements? The aim is not to tell your life story but to attract attention, arouse Interest, create a Decision and inspire Action


More than 2 or 3 pages is asking a lot from a busy hiring manager's time and your aim is to maintain their interest until the last word, not just the introduction.


It is best to use Microsoft Word ".doc" format as it is compatible with most job boards, database software and recruiters' / clients own applicant tracking system.

Avoid the use of power point files, coloured fonts, excessive bold / highlighting / italics and overuse of images or logos.

If you do attach a photo make it small i.e. thumbnail size is enough and please smile, after all clients hire happy productive and achieving people.

Spell Check - always!!

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